From Kajal Shingala to ‘Hindusthani’: The rise of the female face of Hindutva hate politics ( Altnews )

This article uses as its source Kajal Shingala aka Hindusthani’s Facebook/Twitter activities, videos posted on her YouTube channel and other platforms and our telephonic conversation with her.

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On August 8, ‘entrepreneur, research analyst, social activist’ and Right Wing influencer Kajal Hindusthani addressed the students of UKA Tarsadia University in Gujarat. The speech, which oozed hate for Muslims, touched upon most of the tropes frequently used by Hindutva ideologues.

At the 54:40-minute mark, Kajal states, “There is an agenda to make India a systematically Islamic country. They say ‘We took Pakistan by fighting and will take Hindustan smiling’… They will make India an Islamic country in the same way. Through Love Jihad, illegal encroachment, religious conversions, capturing Hindu temples, consuming cows which are sacred to Hindus, and corrupting the minds of Hindus so much that they can no longer fight for their religion. And if someone like me steps up to fight, they are sent to jail.”

In the same video, at the 56:55 mark, she states, “Hindu land spanned from the Indian Ocean to the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to Indonesia. And today our condition is such that only a handful of us are left in India. Hindus have become the minority in nine states and 200 districts.”

At the 58:36 mark, she picks up the Maharana Pratap vs Akbar debate that is often found in Hindutva discourse, and mocks Akbar for his apparent physical features, to the thunderous applause of the students.

At the 1:02:00-minute mark, Kajal targets the Muslim community and says, “I told you, we left education in the hands of the Christians, history in the hands of the Leftists and we left our films in the hands of jihadis.” Next, she connects a number of films with ‘Love Jihad’. She also asks the students to watch three films, namely, ‘Kashmir Files’, ‘The Kerala Story’ and ‘Ajmer 92’. It has been conclusively proved that the basic premise of the movie, The Kerala Story, and the filmmaker’s repeated claim that 32000 Kerala women had joined ISIS was based on misquotes, flawed calculations and imaginary figures.

At 1:07:00, she turns her focus to the Nehru-Gandhi family and claims that they ruined the country. According to Kajal, this is because from 1947 to 1977, five of India’s education ministers were from the Muslim community. She questions how a Hindu child would recall ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and not ‘Ali Maula’ if the people who divided the country were made education ministers. It is important to mention here that from 1947 to 1977, India had nine education ministers, out of which four were Muslims and five were Hindus.

On August 18, Kajal shared a part of her speech on X (formerly Twitter). In it, she claims that the minds of Hindu daughters are being corrupted through films. She states, “Daughters, if you want a Maharana Pratap or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to be born from your womb, you will have to become Jija Bai and Jaivanta Bai. If you ape Kareena Khan, you will only give birth to a Taimur and Jahangir. It’s your son, you can name him whatever you want, be it Pappu, Taimur, Jehangir or Ibrahim. But the name Taimur is a wound on the chest of India and every Indian. Taimur massacred lakhs of Hindus, and under his reign, lakhs of Hindu women were raped. Kareena Khan descended from the Prithviraj Kapoor family, but she chose to name her son Taimur. She is telling us that while the Mughals may have left India, this mentality will not go away any time soon. That mentality is flourishing among us and we happily laugh and give them our good wishes. Every Gauri feels that she should find some Shahrukh. Every Kareena Kapoor feels that she should find some Saif Ali Khan. My daughters, the life they live is not real. This is propagandaThey are receiving money from the Middle East to corrupt the minds of the daughters of India.”

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