Although mob lynchings were considered barbaric in 1800s America and India, the difference is that they somewhat subsided in the former and not so much the latter. Lynch mobs have been always been common against Dalits violating the status quo of the caste hierarchy or Muslims for simply being Muslim.

Although in 2014, they have been occurring rather frequently and instead been used to constantly instill fear in many citizens. Because after a riot, within six months to a year, the fear dies down whereas a frequent yet unpredictable lynching of one single person keeps everyone on their feet.


How the police protected Pehlu’s killers

Investigation in the cattle trader’s lynching reveals police refused to prosecute those the victim named in his dying statement

No rule of law; police execute whatever the Hindu radicals say: Gujarat pastor

According to the Evangelical Fellowship of India, violent attacks on Christians have more than doubled since Narendra Modi became PM in 2014. The Alliance Defending Freedom India has reported Christians  suffered 247 instances of persecution in first eight months of 2019

Cow vigilantes, Indian State collaborate to target Muslims in the name of the cow

Instead of promptly investigating cow-protection attacks and prosecuting perpetrators, the police, in at least one third of the cases that have been reported, have filed complaints against victims’ family members and associates under laws banning cow slaughter

The media has come to call these incidents “mob lynching”, a term that misrepresents what is really going on in India. The spate of violent attacks are in no way spontaneous expressions of mob anger. They are the product of systematic incitement to violence by Hindu nationalists