14 Year Old Christian Boy Lynched In Odisha

A 14-year-old Christian boy ,Samaru Madkami, was murdered in cold blood by a group of religious fanatics in the east-Indian state of Odisha. On the night of 4th June, 2020, a few villagers ganged up with a handful of religious fanatics who are not a part of their village and attempted to kidnap 3 Christians […]

Thrashed After Refusing to Chant Jai Shri Ram, Says Man in Bihar

Due to no electricity Md. Israil had gone to his friend’s house to charge his mobile phone when he was attacked.\ Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/UoU-oIH86RE In Bihar’s Champaran, news of a Muslim man being forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ has emerged. Mohammad Israil from Mehsi has alleged that not only did some people compel him […]

Mosques turned into Temples, the other side of history

Every now and then a local community “leader with predilections towards Hindutva comes forward with a claim that a particular mosque was built on the site of a razed temple”. Facts don’t matter to him much neither do they to his cohorts who spread the message ferociously on whichever social media platform they are on. […]

India’s Muslims feel targeted by rumors they’re spreading Covid-19

New Delhi (CNN)Hafiz Mohammed Naseerudin says that after a police officer assaulted him for being a Muslim and blamed him for spreading the coronavirus, he was left lying on the road for almost an hour. Naseerudin, 44, had gone to pick up some vegetables from his friend’s house in Humnabad, in the southern Indian state […]

No room for religious intolerance in UAE: Sheikha Hend

She said the need of the hour is for everyone to focus on containing the Covid-19 pandemic.   Religious intolerance and hatred have no place in the UAE, an Emirati businesswoman and philanthropist has reiterated. Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi, who has been in the news for slamming Islamophobic social media posts, said she was surprised […]

The Real Objective Of MOB Violence Against Muslims In India

During the past several days, more than thirty people have been killed in mob violence primarily targeting Muslims in the Indian capital of New Delhi. At the center of the conflict is the Citizenship Amendment Act (C.A.A.), a law passed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu majoritarian government that creates a path to citizenship for […]

While Muslims are being murdered in India, the rest of the world is too slow to condemn

There are some grim parallels between Kristallnacht in Germany in 1938 and Delhi today On 9 to 10 November 1938 the German government encouraged its supporters to burn down synagogues and smash up Jewish homes, shops, businesses, schools. At least 91 Jews – and probably many more – were killed by Nazi supporters egged on […]

Police Vandalised Farooqi Masjid, Set Ablaze The Madrassa, & Destroyed CCTV

The country’s capital, Delhi, is now a battlefield.  Already 42 people have died in three days of religious violence.  Many houses in north-east Delhi have been set on fire. The mosque was not spared from this fire of religious destruction.  One such was Farooqi Masjiid, located in the Brijpuri area of ​​Mustafabad. I visited the […]

New Delhi riots leave 38 dead as India balks at U.S. reaction to the religious violence

Delhi — The death toll from four days of sectarian violence in India’s capital has risen to 38, making it the worst religious rioting Delhi has seen in more than three decades. Over 200 people have been injured, dozens of them shot, as mostly-Hindu supporters of a controversial new citizenship law seen as discriminatory against […]


Ever since the passage of a new citizenship law in India, protesters, who have in nearly every case been peaceful, have been met with force by the government.Photograph by Adnan Abidi / Reuters   Two things happened in Delhi on Tuesday, and the gulf between them illustrated India’s wild, alarming swerve from normalcy. At the […]

Murders of Religious Minorities in India Go Unpunished, Report Finds

NEW DELHI — The Indian authorities have delayed investigating a wave of vigilante-style murders of religious minorities, with many instead working to justify the attacks or file charges against some of the victims’ families, according to a report released Tuesday by Human Rights Watch. The 104-page report said that since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governing […]

Burqa-clad women were actually male RSS workers’

PANAJI: The clusters of burqa-wearing women at the Modi rally were actually RSS workers brought by BJP to show that the muslim community is supporting the party, said Congress spokesperson for South Goa Monohar ‘Babu’ on Monday. He said BJP is resorting to this trick all over the country. The former Dargalim MLA said Shaik […]

How Gujarat ‘Model of Hate’ Is Unraveling In Its Cradle?

AHMEDABAD, FEBRUARY 4—Gujarat, which is quite often known as the laboratory of Hindutva, is the home turf of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Ever since it came to power at the Centre, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has propagated the ‘Gujarat Model’ that it intends to […]