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"This government has mastered the art of abusing these laws in order to turn victims into the accused."
- Human rights lawyer, Mihir Desai, in conversation with @TeestaSetalvad and @indiacivilwatch
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Indian-Germans boycott BJP MP & Muslim-hater Tejaswi Surya from speaker’s panel at startup conference

After strengthening its positions in Ladakh, China moves to Arunachal Pradesh. Modi is still undecided about how to name China, in Hindi or in Mandarin? via @NewIndianXpress

What has happened to India? Bussa Krishna Raju from Telangana didn't sleep, starved himself to pray for Donald Trump's recovery from #COVID19. Trump is now having fun, but Raju died of cardiac arrest on Sunday. HindutvaWatchUS photo

Difference between a Hitler and a Modi?

When Hitler received a propaganda leaflet from Goebbels, he went

"Good one. Well done."

When Modi received a fake fwd from IT cell, he went

"Really? Man, I had no idea! Thank you for sharing"

One, a fascist, the other, a fool!

Original Sin

Hindu bias was in-built in India’s ‘Secular’ Constitution

Dr Pritam Singh of  Oxford University runs Hindutva detector through the statutes

M. S. Golwalkar

‘We Or Our Nationhood Defined’ drew on European racism

Scholar Farhan Khan finds the tract modern ethno-nationalist than Hindu revivalist

RSS & School Education

Demonization of Mahatma Gandhi, nonviolence, freedom struggle

Excerpted from ‘RSS, School Texts and the Murder of Mahatma Gandhi’

India Today sting operation reveals ABVP member key mob mobilizer

Hindutva and Zionism

Golwalkar supported mass expulsion of Palestinian Muslims

The RSS supremo also idolized Hitler and supported Nazi genocide of Jews

Attack on JNU

Culture of dissent, free speech a big threat to Hindutva

Mohinder Singh and Rajarshi Dasgupta trace assault on premier institution

Politics and Muslims

Coalitions offer greater advantange than two-party fights: Study

Gujarat, UP and Kerala show multi-party contests also better for the minority