Modi’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Taps Into Conspiracy Theories of Hindu Replacement (Madras Courier)

Modi's latest statement referring to 'those who have too many children' is latest iteration of a long history of Hindu demographic fears - and has proven to be a lasting one.

Hate Watch

By Archana Venkatesh

The world’s largest election is currently underway in India, with more than 970 million people registered to vote over a period of six weeks. spearheading the campaign for his Bharatiya Janata Party, incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi is spending that time crisscrossing the country, delivering a message he hopes will result in ad landslide victory for the Hindu nationalist party.

He is a popular figure but also a divisive one. Modi’s speeches are drawing heat for their anti-Muslim rhetoric. At a campaign rally in April 21, 2024, he referred to Muslims as ‘infiltrators.’

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