Rambhakt Gopal and others welcome the two accused of firing shots at AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi.
Chetan Bhakuni/ The Quint

By FATIMA KHAN / The Quint

The two men who allegedly shot at AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi’s vehicle during the UP elections are now out on bail and were welcomed by multiple right-wing Hindutva groups as well as Rambhakt Gopal on 31 July.

The two accused, Sachin Pandit and Shubham Gujjar were arrested hours after the attack on Owaisi on 3 February. The two were let out on bail last week.

In a celebration organised in their village in Greater Noida, the two were welcomed by their friends and Gopal posted pictures of the same on his Facebook page.

Rambhakt Gopal has posted pictures celebrating the return of Sachin and Shubham. Screengrab/ Facebook

“With respected Aazad Arya Guru ji and our team of young brothers, some visuals of our meeting with Deshbhakt Sachin Hindu and Shubham Gujjar. Jai Sri Ram,” Rambhakt Gopal posted on Facebook.

Multiple shots were fired at a vehicle Owaisi was travelling in while returning to Delhi from Meerut after campaigning for the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh in February.

Sachin Pandit’s Alleged Affiliation With BJP

Sachin Pandit, one of the accused in the Owaisi shooting, has in the past flaunted about his affiliation with the BJP. His facebook profile, by the name of ‘Deshbhakt Sachin Hindu’, had previously posted pictures with top BJP leaders, as well as his BJP membership card.

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