HUMAN RIGHTS Muslim Lawyer ‘Assaulted And Subjected To Religious Hate’ By Policemen In Mumbai ( The Observer Post )


In the continuous series of hate crimes and mob lynching incidents, another case came to light where a Bombay high court lawyer suffered verbal abuse and physical assault by three policemen at a Naka-Bandi near the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai.

On 30th September, around midnight Abid Abbas Sayyed, along with his friend were on their way from Kurla to Bandra when their scooter was stopped near BKC and Abid was asked to show his two-wheeler driving licence.

At the BKC entrance exists a signal, crossing which one comes across a Naka-Bandi that always persists but wasn’t there that night, says Abid.

“There was no barricade, and it is a narrow road. There was just a police van. The police had kind of, maintained their stance like that of a Naka-Bandi. They stopped my scooty and asked for my driving licence. I told them I don’t have one currently on me but have a soft copy in my Digi locker, a digitization service provided by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, that has legal significance. I told them to give me some time to access the Digi locker, and till then, they went away to check out other vehicles.” -Abid

It was a sudden aggressive comeback by one of the police officers that shook Abid and asked why he was unable to show his driving licence, wherein he told the officials that due to a server issue, he was unable to access the Digi locker.

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