NANDYAL: A Dalit youth consumed pesticide in an attempt to commit suicide after being insulted when he tried to enter Goddess Sunkulamma Temple at Munagala village in Nandyal district late on Wednesday night.

According to Nandyal police, villagers had been celebrating the Ugadi festival by offering prayers to the local Goddess Sunkulamma. Mallepogu Narahari, belonging to the Madiga community, cracked a coconut and proceeded into the temple premises for offering prayers.

However, some people, including armed reserve constable Jambulaiah, stopped him from entering the temple. They reportedly kicked Narahari and warned him of dire consequences if he repeated his attempt to enter the temple.

Feeling insulted, Narahari returned home and consumed pesticide. His parents rushed him to Nandyal Government General Hospital for treatment, where his condition is said to be stable.

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