Yet again, hate-filled speech delivered by RSS man, Ishwar Lal: Rajasthan ( Sabrang )

Through his speech at a at a Trishul Deeksha event, Laldemands for the conversion of 30,000 mosques into temples, boycott of Halal items

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A video has been gaining attention on social media wherein RSS Pracharak, Ishwar Lal can be heard spewing hate against the religious minorities in India, especially the Muslim community. The said speech was given by Lal at a Trishul Deeksha event, held in Lohwat, Rajasthan. The speech, link for which is attached below, makes several offensives statements against the minority communities, encourage problematic and divisive mentalities and give a communal and divisive touch to our history and present. At many points, the speaker has unfairly brought in the culture of Islam and made hateful statements regarding the traditions of Muslims, and calls for the boycott of Halal products. The said event was organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal. Ishwar Lal is also the Sanghatan Mantri of the VHP.

Through this speech, Lal had dehumanised Muslims, made misleading and provocative statements, and also made the unlawful and provocative calls for converting 30,000 mosques into temples, all with the aim of pushing the exclusionary agenda of Hindutva outfits.

The speech

Ishwar Lal begins with his communal diatribe by bringing in the baseless issue of temples demolished in the past, and says, “Bharat ke Andar tees hazar mandir hai jin ko todh kar unke upar kya bana die Masjide. Kitni Sankhya hai? 30,000. (Thirty thousand temples in India were destroyed and mosques were built on them. What is the number? 30,000.)”

He then provokes his audience by saying, “Bolo wapis mandir banana hai ki nahi banana hai? Ram jika toh bana diya, lekin abhi 30,000 baaki hai unko mandir banana hai. (Do you want to convert them back to temples or not? We made the Ram temple, but still, 30,000 temples remain. We have to convert them into temples.)” Wapis apna sthan hum ko lena hai. Aur uska naam hai Bajrang Dal. [We have to take back our lands. The name (of the organisation) is Bajrang Dal]

Lal then brings in the issue of citizenship and says, “Pakistan aur Bangladesh se bhagae hue Hinduyonko India mei Nagrikta milna chahie ya nahi milna chahie? Nagrikta dilane wale sangathan ka naam hai Bajrang Dal. (Hindus who were thrown out of Pakistan and Bangladesh should get citizenship in India or not? the name of the organization that will help them get citizenship is Bajrang Dal.)”

Continuing with his misinformed statement, Lal says, “Yeh jo humare desh ke aaju baaju ke bhaaghai- yeh Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangadesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Sumantra, Java, Indonesia, Malayasia- yeh sab kiske the? Humare the. (The countries that are in our neighborhood, like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Sumantra, Java, Indonesia, Malayasia- who did they belong to? They were ours.)” “Humari kamzoori ke karan tut tut ke alag ho gaye. Bolo inn hisso ko wapis lena hai ya nahi lena? Bhujao mei dum paida karna hoga. Yaad rakhna, majboot banoge toh hisse wapis aenge. (They were divided because of our weaknesses. Do you want to take them back or not? We need to strengthen ourselves. Remember, these parts will only come back if we are strong)”

Then, pushing the exclusionary and divisive agenda of Hindutva outfits, Lal then says, “Desh ko akhand banana wale sanghathan ka naam hai Bajrang Dal. (The name of the organization that will work towards uniting these parts is Bajrang Dal.)”

Attacking the minorities and the secular essence encouraged by our Constitution, Lal says, “Ghar mei kutta ata hai, billi ghuss jaati hai. Aur kayi ghar mei toh Muslim aur Isaiyon ko laa laakar tum bithate ho. Jo mandir ko todhta hai jo gae ko marta hai. Gaeka maas khata hai. (We allow dogs and cats inside our house. And in many homes, you all allow Muslims and Christians. The ones who broke our temples. The one who kills our cows. The one who eats cows.)”

Referring to the existing caste system and the Hindutva motivated agenda of forced conversions, Lal says, “Daadhi rakhta hai aur Muche saaf karta hai, usko tum ghar mei laake bithate ho. Aur humare jaati kabhai, jogae ki pooja karta hai, ghar mei diya jalata hai, tirth yatra karta hai, who humare ghar mei nahi aa sakta. (He keeps a beard but not a moustache. You make them sit in your homes. But our brothers of the same caste, who worships the cow, blow an earthen candle, and go on a religious pilgrimage, can’t visit our homes.)”

“Mandir mei nahi jaa sakta. Godhi par nahi beth sakta. Samshaan Ghat par hum usse ghusne nahi dete. Bolo yahi aisi maan sikta hui, toh yeh varn humse tut karudhar jaega ya nahi jaega? (Cannot enter temples. Cannot sit on a horse. We do not let them enter our cremation ground. If we keep such a mentality, then this section will go away from us or not?)”

Making more exclusionary and offensive statements, Lal says, “Aur iska andar Muslim ghussghuss ke bolo ‘Jai Bheem aur Jai Meem’ ke naare lagate hai ya nahi lagate? Bheem toh humari hi tha, yeh ‘Meem’ kaha se aagaya beech mei? (And Muslims will get into [these groups] and raise the slogan of ‘Jai Bheem Jai Meem’, don’t they? Bheem was our own, but where did these ‘Meem’ (Muslims) come from?)”

Pushing their agenda of ban on Halal and Halal products, the speaker then says, “Bharat ke andar Halal khareedte ho. Halal likhi hui cheez ko mat lena. Varna uska paisa kisko milta hai? Musalmaano ko milta hai. Usko bandh karwane wale sangathan ka naam kya hai? Bajrang Dal. (You buy Halal products. Never buy products that are ‘Halal’. Who gets that money? It goes to Muslims. What’s the name of the organization that stops this? Bajrang Dal.)”

Bringing in another issue communalized by the Hindu outfits, Lal says that, “Jansankhya niyantran ka anon lagu karna padega. Nahi toh yeh phir mandir tut jaenge. Jansankya niyantran kaanon lagu karwane wale sangathan ka naam kyahai? Bajrang Dal.(Population control bill has to be enacted. Otherwise, the temples will against be destroyed. The organization that will help enact the Population Control law is Bajrang Dal.)”

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