By India Today World Desk

Several Hindu groups in the US have expressed discontent over a Democratic think tank’s annual gala, citing concerns over the inclusion of individuals and organisations allegedly involved in attacking Indian-American candidates and officials. Objections were raised against two panellists from the Indian-American Muslim Council and Hindus for Human Rights. The two-day event, named ‘Desis Decide’, organised by the think tank — Indian American Impact, is set to kick off on Wednesday.

Deepak Raj, a prominent Indian-American, is among the co-founders and funders of Indian American Impact think tank. Indian American Impact has gained significant influence in Democratic circles.

In statements issued separately, various Hindu groups voiced their frustration over the invitation extended to individuals and organisations with what they term as a “questionable past”. They accused the event of bias and for overlooking the rise of Hinduphobia in the United States.

Hindu groups argue that such entities have publicly targeted Indian-American candidates and elected officials, which contradicts the mission of Indian American Impact to strengthen the political presence of the Indian-American community.

“Where Impact’s core mission is building Indian-American political presence at all levels, it’s frustrating and confusing that Impact would platform organisations which have publicly attacked Indian American candidates,” said Rajiv Pandit, a board member of the Hindu American Political Action Committee, reported PTI.

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