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Where is the RSS’s life breath hidden away?

Dr Hedgewar is the founding father of the RSS. He considered Savarkar his guru, philosopher and guide. Golwalkar was the chief of the RSS for a long time. Now, let us consider some passages from Golwalkar and Savarkar.

Golwalkar’s God

The first and the most fundamental aspect is the urge for realisation of the Supreme Reality permeating the entire Universe – whatever the name given to it. Or in simple words, it is “to realise God.” But where is God? How can we know Him? How does He look? What are His appearances? The description that He is nirakar (without form), nirguna (without attributes) and all that leads us nowhere.

Various ways of worship are also evolved. But all this does not satisfy us who are full of activity. We want a “living” God. Hence our forefathers, understanding the limitations of the human mind and intellect, said, “humanity” and all that is all right, but before one can rise to that state, one should take a view of the Almighty with certain limitations as it were, which one can understand, feel and serve. The Hindu People, they said, is the Virāt Purusha, the Almighty manifesting Himself. Though they did not use the word “Hindu”, it is clear from the following description of the Almighty in Pursha Sūkta wherein it is stated that the sun and moon are his eyes, the stars and the skies are created from His nābhi (navel) and

ब्राह्मणोऽस्य मुखमासीद्बाहू राजन्यः कृ तः।
ऊरू तदस्य यद्वैश्यः पद्भ्याँशूद्रोऽअजायत ।।

(Brahmin is the head. King the arms. Vaishya the thighs and Shudra the feet.) This means that the people who have this fourfold arrangement, ie, the Hindu People, is our God.

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