What are ‘Raja Singh songs’, aka Hindutva pop, at the heart of recent communal clashes in Telangana? (The South First)

Hate Watch

Raja Singh was not in Chengicherla in Hyderabad when clashes broke out on Sunday. Yet, there seems to be his indirect involvement.

The Pitala Basthi in Chengicherla (Deepika Pasham/ South First)

By Deepika Pasham

Usually, BJP leader T Raja Singh finds himself in the eye of the storm for his controversial speeches. Even the Supreme Court said some of his speeches were “certainly objectionable”!

However, he appeared to have been nowhere near Pittala Basti in the Chengicherla locality of Hyderabad when clashes broke out between two communities on Sunday, 24 March.

Yet, those who played a role in the incident — only time will tell whether they were victims or perpetrators — pointed to his involvement, however indirect, in the unrest.

It took South First some time to get to the bottom of affairs, especially after officials described the scene as peaceful on Tuesday.

Strong police presence

The tensions had simmered down after the authorities — the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and the police — intervened.

The police had set up barricades at multiple points, spanning over 2 km, to prevent new individuals from entering the sensitive area.

Officers stationed at these barricades were stopping each person to inquire about their purpose for visiting, permitting only residents of the locality to pass through.

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