Dawood Ali Tyagi and Sharukh Tyagi

On 02 September 2022, around 10:15 pm., Dawood Ali Tyagi, a resident of Vinaypur village in the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh, was sitting on a cot outside his home while talking on the phone.

Dawood’s nephew Naeem Tyagi and his neighbour Akram were sitting next to him.

Suddenly, six to seven bikes with armed men reached the spot and jumped on Tyagi. They recklessly started beating Dawood.

Witnesses claimed that the “assailants fled while firing and shouting Jai Shri Ram.” Lubna, Dawood’s daughter, saw the incident and ran to her father.

“I saw everything happen right in front of my eyes. I was numb,” Lubna Tyagi told Maktoob.

“I don’t think a single part of my father’s body was left where it wasn’t bruised or bleeding. Those men were firing in the air to scare off everyone, and no one dared to save my father. 16-17 people were beating up my father. What chance did he have of surviving such a heinous attack?”

The family took him to a hospital in Meerut where he died the next day.

“We are clueless as to why this happened to our father. The police have arrested 4 people and have said to arrest more but there has been no progress,” Shahrukh Tyagi, Dawood’s eldest son, told Maktoob.

Dawood Tyagi was a farmer and the sole bread earner of his family. He lived with his three sons, a daughter and his wife. His eldest son Shahrukh Tyagi completed his post-graduation in MSc Technology from Jamia Millia Islamia this year.

When it comes to lynching cases, most crimes happen due to hurt sentiments, which take place because of offensive actions. But the most unusual aspect of Dawood’s case is how he had no enemies in his lifetime and was considered a simple yet honourable man in the entire region.

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