By M. V. Ramana and Harsha Walia

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has revealed there is “credible evidence” of India’s involvement in the killing of Canadian Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada. This is part of a dangerous trend of Indian interference in Canada, particularly escalating under India’s current ruling party that is supported by Hindu supremacist groups (also known as Hindutva).

A recent report by the National Council of Canadian Muslims and World Sikh Organization details how the Hindutva movement has managed to make significant inroads in Canada. One of the aims of these Hindutva networks in Canada is to shut down justifiable criticism of Indian state policies and Hindutva forces. For example, Hindutva networks have targeted over a dozen academics in Canada with death threats for organizing conferences on Hindu nationalism. Dalit and caste oppressed advocates in Canada have similarly faced death threats and harassment.

As one step in this process, supporters of Hindutva are seeking to introduce and legislate “Hinduphobia” in Canada’s human rights laws. There are currently campaigns underway to recognize Hinduphobia in the Human Rights Code to recognize anti-Hindu prejudice and discrimination.

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