Ismat Ara

Minority institutions, both under the Delhi government and the Centre, have been functioning without formal heads for several months now. The National Commission for Minorities (NCM), the Delhi Minorities Commission, the Delhi Waqf Board, the Hajj Committee of India and the Delhi state Hajj Committee, have all been functioning without chairpersons.

This means that there is effectively no one to oversee staff activity or to publicly articulate the issues faced by minority communities.

A former senior member of the Delhi Minorities Commission, on the condition of anonymity, told The Wire, “I personally know that the government delays these selections on purpose every time because they don’t want the fears and issues of the minorities to come out in public. A chairperson, as per his or her duty, must raise their voice against any injustices being done to the minority community and work towards its betterment.”

This story first appeared on “The Wire” on August 24, 2020 here