Vote for Yogi or be bulldozed, warns Telangana BJP leader Raja Singh

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Goshamahal BJP MLA T Raja Singh (File photo | EPS)

HYDERABAD: BJP MLA T Raja Singh has sparked yet another controversy, this time concerning the ongoing Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. In a video reportedly released after the second phase of polling held in UP on Monday, he warned those voting against Yogi Adityanath’s government, that they would be identified and made to leave the State if BJP wins the election.

Observing that the highest voter turnout in western UP indicated that those who didn’t want the Yogi government to be re-elected had probably come out and voted in large numbers, he appealed to Hindu voters to exercise their franchise in the remaining phases.

Raja Singh warned that areas where people have been voting against the ruling party would be identified. “Thousands of bulldozers and JCBs have been procured and were being mobilised by UP CM Yogi Adityanath. I’m sure you know what JCBs and bulldozers are used for. I want to inform those traitors who don’t want Yogi Adityanath to be elected as CM again, that if you want to stay in UP, you will have to chant Yogi-Yogi. If not, you will have to run away from the State,” he cautioned. “Phir se ek baar, hamare Yogi Baba ki sarkaar,” he said.

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