Violence important for protection of religion: Kalicharan (CJP)

Another hate speech propagating violence in Maharashtra

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On April 5, the infamous Kalicharan Maharaj who is a repeat hate offender and is let off with impunity every time, was speaking at an event organized by Sakal Hindu Samaj. The exact location of the event is unclear, but it was held in Maharashtra where Kalicharan openly endorsed using violence as a means for protecting Hindu religion.

He said, “The violence done for protection of religion is the highest moral virtue. That’s why all our gods and goddesses are violent. For protecting the society, religion and nation, killing is not a sin. If the intention is to protect religion and nation.”

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He further questioned that the police and army kill people for protecting the country, does that mean they have sinned? The audience responded with a negative response. He then gave examples of Hindu gods who bear weapons like Vishnu, Kaal Bhairav, hanuman etc. He even gave the example of Shivaji Maharaj saying he was also violent who killed traitors.

“It is important to kill for the protection of religion. “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” should not be told to the Police and army. If rapists and other criminals are dealt with softly by them, will it be fine? Those who kill the demons of the society, they are real Hindus and this principle of Hindutva is followed by the police.”

The extracts of the video may be viewed here:

On February 9, at the Hindu Jangarjana Morcha organized by Sakal Hindu Samaj in Baramati, Maharashtra as well Kalicharan freely delivered his hate speech rife with blatant lies and hysteria. This, despite CJP’s intimation to DGP, Maharashtra as well as SP of  Rural Pune and Deputy SP of Baramati. His complete profile may be read here.

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