By Manoj Ramakrishnan

With its goal of building a Ram temple at Ayodhya having been accomplished, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has announced the next items on its agenda, including the release of Hindu shrines from government control, repeal of the Place of Worship law that puts a status quo on the character of a religious shrine, a common civil code, and resolution of the Mathura and Kashi disputes. This was announced by Milind Parande, general secretary of the VHP at a press conference in Mumbai on Wednesday.

Committee comes together to free Hindu temples from govt control

Parande said that a committee formed of retired High Court judges, Supreme Court lawyers, and Vishwa Hindu Parishad members have come together to formulate a plan to free Hindu temples from government control. “Hindu money for Hindu cause: this is our aim. Donations made to temples should be used for Hindu causes,” said Parande who added that the opinion of the Hindu community will be sought to create a process for the management of Hindu shrines. All activities, including welfare programmes, conducted by Hindu temples should be considered religious services, and not just pujas, he said.


About plans for a Uniform Civil Code (UCC), Parande said he congratulated the Uttarakhand government for displaying political willpower to introduce the law in the state. “There should be the same law for everyone. The country’s Constitution says this. Most laws are common for everybody, only marriage, divorce, and succession are out of it. Common law on these subjects will help women and children the most,” said Parande.

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