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JAMSHEDPUR – Ajay Gupta, the Jamshedpur Mahanagar President of VHP and others have been granted anticipatory bail in connection with the Kadma Shastri Nagar Violence Case.

The court premises saw a significant turnout of VHP officials and supporters.

The accused secured bail after presenting themselves in Jamshedpur court.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad has reiterated its resolve to continue defending religious beliefs.

Despite facing legal proceedings, the morale of VHP workers remains unaffected.

Following legal action, the accused sought legal protection from the High Court.

The anticipatory bail comes ahead of a potential warrant issuance against them.

Involved in the case are VHP officials Deepak Verma, Subhash Chatterjee, and Pradeep Singh, alongside Ajay Gupta.

Ajay Gupta, the Jamshedpur Mahanagar President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, leads the list of those granted bail.

The legal development is tied to the incident relating to the Kadma Shastri Nagar Jatadhari Temple and the aftermath.

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