New Delhi: “Love Jihad” is the most heinous, cruel and inhuman of the various forms of Jihad. Releasing the list of more than 400 incidents of Love Jihad, VHP Joint General Secretary Dr Surendra Jain today said that there is a strong need for a strong central law to prevent love jihad and illegal conversions, which create social discontent and threats to national security.

He said that the Kerala High Court in 2010 had described love jihad as the most gruesome form of religious conversion. This cannot be avoided by calling it cruelty by some Jihadi youths with perverted mentality. Behind this is the inspiration of Mullah-Maulvi and fundamentalist Muslim leaders and the protection of the Tukde Tukde gang.

In the case of Kerala’s Hadiya, it became clear that terrorist organizations like PFI make eminent lawyers stand on the side of Jihadis by paying fees of crores of rupees. For this, they get a huge amount of money from abroad.

Dr Jain said that because of the terrorist nexus of illegal conversion and love jihad and its international nature, it cannot be stopped from enacting laws only in some states. For this, a nationwide resolution is necessary, which will be expressed only through a strong national law. Its worst form has come to the fore in the recent Shraddha murder case. The Church of Kerala and Karnataka describes 10,000 Christian girls as victims of love jihad, while 2000 girls have gone missing in Hyderabad, about which the High Court is seeking an explanation from the state government. Peace-loving states like Himachal and Ladakh are also moving towards anger after being troubled by love jihad. In Kerala, the Church has also alleged that their girls are being trapped and sent to Syria and Afghanistan.

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