Communal tensions erupted during a religious procession in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh district, on the night of March 19. Several shops and vehicles were also burned.

A “Hindu” rally going by a mosque led to arson and violence in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh. Recent reports indicate that 12 people have sustained injuries during the incident and there were also cases of stone pelting near a place of worship. After the incident, the police arrested 18 people.

According to NDTV Rajasthan, the issue arose when a procession, playing drums, went by near a mosque as prayers were taking place inside. After this, some people objected to the noise made by the procession’s drums, and the disagreement quickly escalated into a confrontation.

A 55-year-old shopkeeper, Shyam Lal Chhipa suffered a fatal heart attack during the altercation and passed away while being transported to the hospital. Two other injured people were referred to Bhilwara for further medical attention. According to Live Hindustan, several shops and bikes had also been set on fire.

The extra police presence, including personnel from the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC), deployed in the village. The situation has been reported to now be under control. However, the police have said that they are continuing the investigation to catch the culprits.

A video was posted by Hate Detectors of the incident where young boys inside the mosque can be seen in panic as fire erupts outside the mosque.

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