Harisingh Gour Central University, a university in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district is probing into a video of a Muslim girl offering prayer inside a classroom.

Hindu nationalist groups are demanding action from the administration against the hijab-clad student, making reference to the Karnataka hijab ban.

The probe began after the Hindu Jagran Manch registered a complaint with the university administration. The 19-second video was uploaded by Hindu Jagran Manch on social media, triggering an uproar.

The university has constituted a six-member committee to inquire into the alleged incident, reports The Indian Express.

The university has no formal dress code for students.

University administration has advised its students to not take part in any activity that affects academic activities and creates communal tension within its premises.

The notice issued on Saturday asked students to carry out their religious practices at home or place of worship. It warned students of disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, Vishwa Hindu Parishad organised a recitation of Hanuman Chalisa on the premises of the university as a protest.

In its complaint to the university, Hindu Jagran Manch said, “university is a place for education. A few days ago, there was communalism being spread in the country after the hijab issue flared up. The Karnataka High Court has barred such activities in educational institutions”.

such things should not be repeated and if so in future there will be protests.”

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