UP: Three Muslim boys found dead near river, families allege murder

Zamin Ali (left top), Ausaf (left bottom) and Zaid (right). Photo: Special arrangement.

In a heart-wrenching incident, the bodies of three boys, who were missing since Tuesday evening after they went to take bath in the river, were found in Kiccha river in Baheri locality of Bareilly district in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday with injury marks on bodies.

Though police said that they died in the accident, the family members of Zamin Ali (16), Mohammad Ausaf (18) and Zaid (16) alleged that the boys were mercilessly beaten, necks were broken and bodies were mutilated so badly that the bodies hardly recognisable.

Bareilly police who earlier said that they were drowned while taking bath in the river, sent the bodies for postmortem report.

Shadab, deceased Zamin’s brother told Maktoob that his brother and friends didn’t die of drowning, but seems like it was a murder.

“Their bodies were grossly wounded and their mouths and noses were bleeding,” he said.

“My brother was a smart boy. He scored top marks in High School in the recent exams. They all went to take a bath in the river after seeking permission from the family,” Shadab said.

Shadab told Maktokb that they gave a missing compliant to the police when the boys didn’t come back till the evening of the same day.

When the locals went to work on the farm on Wednesday morning, they saw the bodies of three in the river. They informed the police.

There were no clothes on the bodies. Mobile phone, bikes and clothes of boys have been recovered from the banks of the river.

Muhammed Shoaib, Ausaf’s father who is a local journalist said that all the boys were innocent and died out of some conspiracy.

Ausaf is a student of Aligarh Muslim University.

“They didn’t die of drowning for sure. Their bodies are speaking for themselves, severe marks and wounds can be traced on bodies. If they were drowned, the bodies were either have turned pale or had water in their stomachs. One can easily say that it was a murder,” Shoaib alleged.

Bareilly police posted a video on Twitter and said, “Three boys went to take a bath in the Kiccha river and subsequently died of drowning while bathing. A mobile phone and a motorcycle are found from the area of the incident. We have registered a case. Bodies are now sent to postmortem for the further investigation.”

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