By Dheeraj Mishra

The Uttar Pradesh Police on Wednesday arrested four people, including the Moradabad district president of Bajrang Dal, for allegedly slaughtering cows to implicate a Muslim man in a false case and conspiring against the police, officials said.

The accused have been identified as Shahabuddin, hailing from Chetrampur village in Moradabad district, Bajrang Dal leader Monu Bishnoi alias Sumit, and his volunteers Raman Chaudhary and Rajiv Chaudhary.

According to the police, Shahabuddin took the help of the Bajrang Dal workers to put Mehmood, against whom he had nursed vengeance, in jail by making it appear that he had slaughtered cows.

Police said that on January 16 the head of a cow was recovered from Kanwar Path, a road that is mostly used by Hindu pilgrims during the Shravana month to go to religious sites such as Haridwar.

“A case was registered against unknown people. After this, on the night of January 28, another incident of cow slaughter took place a few kilometres away in Chetrampur village (in the same police station area of the first incident). Both the incidents seemed suspicious and interconnected. Since the manner in which this information was given to the police, there was a suspicion that this incident was planned and it was not just a case of cow slaughter, there was definitely some hidden agenda in it,” said Hemraj Meena, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Moradabad, on Thursday.

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