Two Weeks After Mosque Attack, Dwarka Hindus Say ‘We Love Muslims’

A mosque near Shajahanabad Apartments in Sector 11 in Dwarka in south-west Delhi, was attacked on 28 February.

Two weeks after the mosque outside Shahjahanabad Apartments in Dwarka Sector 11 was attacked, the area is now witnessing an assertion of communal amity and brotherhood. A group of Hindus from the area came and put up posters saying “We Love Muslims” “We are Sorry” and “You are Us”.

The Attack

The mosque was allegedly attacked early in the morning on Friday, 28 February.

“The attack took place at around 2:30 am. The attackers threw several stones at the mosque and broke the window-pane,” Shahjahanabad Apartments resident Saad Majeed told The Quint.

There were two people present in the mosque at the time – Imam Rashid and Imam Abdul Mannan. According to them, the attackers chanted “Jai Shri Ram” after throwing stones.

The security guard Chaman was present too, and testifies to the sequence of events.

The Quint spoke to ACP Dwarka Rajinder Singh who said, “This was an act of mischief.”

However, DCP Dwarka later tweeted that the incident never happened.

Residents allege that the police wants to downplay the incident.

Delhi reeled under violence which erupted over CAA between 23 and 26 February, killing over 40 people. Several mosques were also set on fire. The violence was concentrated in northeast Delhi. Dwarka is over 20 km away.

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