Yati Narasinghanand Saraswati (Photo-Twitter)

Hyderabad: Twitter has suspended the account of Yati Narsighanand Saraswati, who is known for his hate-spewing comments against Muslims, from the microblogging site.

Team SAATH (Stand Against Abuse Troll Harassment), which is an anti-hate group on Twitter, according to its bio, tweeted that it was able to get hate preacher Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati suspended from Twitter.

“Thank you @Twitter for finally listening to our multiple calls for suspension of @NarsinghUvach . Now we hope you will keep it suspended permanently in the best interest of all the communities getting affected by his nonsense,” it tweeted.

The head priest of Dasna Devi temple Swami Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati has been in news since March this year when a Muslim boy was thrashed near the temple for an alleged theft attempt.

Seven hours before the deletion, SAATH claimed that Narsinghanand has deleted all four tweets shared by them asking twitter to take action against him. “He knows he is violating the rules of Twitter,” the page remarked and questioned twitter on what is stopping the micro-blogging website from taking action against Narsinghanand.

“You are making a mockery of your own rules,” the group added.

Who is Narsinghanand Saraswati

Known for his hate-spewing remarks, Yati Narsinghanand is the head priest of the Dasna Devi temple in Ghaziabad. He came into the limelight after he made derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Muslim community in the Press Club of India, according to media reports.

He is reportedly a Russian-educated engineer who has worked in Moscow and London and claims to be a former member of the Samajwadi Party.

According to a report by The Print, he completed his Master’s from what was then known as Moscow Institute of Chemical Machine Building. Once he completed his course, Narsinghanand apparently worked “as an engineer and headed marketing teams” at several companies in the Russian capital as well as in London. After over nine years abroad, he returned to India in 1997.

During an interview with the publication in 2019, Narsinghanand Saraswati opened up about several aspects of his life and even revealed that he wasn’t always a Muslim hater. In one incident, a Ghaziabad college student allegedly approached him and complained about harassment by a group of Muslim men he hung out with.

“She told me that those were the same Muslim men I roamed around with. I was shaken,” he said. “She told me that I was responsible for her misery. It shook me from within,” he added. “That day I thought, what if these Muslims do the same to my daughter… That is when I began this fight for Islam-mukt (Islam-free) Bharat,” he said.

Hindus, Narsinghanand added, should pick up arms. “It is time for revenge,” he said. “I do not regret anything I said. I have now taken this work, to eliminate Islam from this earth, in my hands, and I will do it.”

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