Bapan Nandi, a 23-year-old vlogger from the Khupilong area of Tripura, was attacked by local leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after posting a four-minute video on Eid and a song about the festival that promoted communal harmony.

BJP leader and Panchayat Up-pradhan Anu Mura Singh, along with other Hindutva politicians, were displeased with Nandi’s message in the video.

Local BJP leaders allegedly summoned Nandi to the police line bazaar area and then attacked him.

In the video of the incident, a female BJP leader can be seen tearing open Nandi’s shirt, grabbing him by the collar, and beating him while allegedly questioning why he was portraying himself as a Muslim youth instead of embracing his Hindu origins, according to NewsClick.

Despite the pleas for mercy by the vlogger, the public torture reportedly continued.

After the attack, the BJP leaders lodged a complaint against Nandi at the local police station. Following the complaint, the police called Nandi in for interrogation…

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