Madhya Pradesh’s Bhojshala complex in Dhar


The court-mandated Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) survey at the contentious Bhojshala/Kamal Maula Mosque complex in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district continued on the seventh day on Thursday, for which some trenches have been dug at the site, people linked to the exercise said.

Ashish Goyal and Gopal Sharma representing the Hindu community and a leader of the Muslim community, Abdul Samad, were present with the ASI team during the survey.

Samad, who is also the president of the Maulana Kamal Welfare society, said, “We have said earlier also that the Muslim community is not against the ongoing survey. We are against the inclusion of those things in the survey which were kept inside the complex after 2003. We have registered our objections on certain issues before the survey team as it is our right.”

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