The former judge also said that the Ayodhya judgment has enabled ‘right reactionary forces’ to lay claim on Gyanvapi mosque and other mosques.

In a scathing criticism, former Supreme Court judge Justice V Gopala Gowda said on Saturday that the “track record of the Supreme Court in the last 8 years is disappointing”.

He highlighted that the Supreme Court has refused to hear important matters relating to Article 370 and electoral bonds. Drawing a contrast with the approach of the Supreme Court during the pre-2014 period, he said :

“In 2014, the apex court was not hesitant in going against the central executive in matters involving high political stakes, be it in the cancellation of 2G licenses and coal gate case. The Court also passed several oral remarks, including the famous “CBI is caged parrot” remark. Judiciary was seen as a crusader against corruption. But post-2014, the Supreme Court presented a weaker self. The verdict in politically charged cases such as Sahara-Birla (where enquiry was sought against PM Narendra Modi), Loya case(where enquiry was sought regarding death of judge trying the case against Amit Shah), Bhima-Koregan, Rafale, Aadhaar etc., have invited a lot of criticism of the public. When it comes to taking on the system, the Court acts hesitant”.

Criticising the Supreme Court’s verdict allowing the construction of Ram Mandir at the place where Babri Masjid once stood before its demolition, he said, “Ayodhya judgment has made the right reactionary forces claim Gyanvapi mosque and other mosques in the country, despite the law enacted in 1991(Places of Worship Act). This is a great threat to the Republic of India, a multi-religious country”

The former judge was speaking at a National Convention on the topic Save Constitution, Save Democracy organised by the All India Lawyers Union, Delhi Union of Journalists and Democratic Teachers Front.

He started his address by saying that during the last eight years, the values of liberty, equality and fraternity are being endangered “because of the ascendence of right reactionary forces in the society” and “attempts to transform the democratic state into a Hindu fascist state”. Independent supervisors of the executive like the CAG and the Election Commission have been reduced into the “extended organ” of the Union Government.

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