As the Times Now Summit kicked off in the national capital, Times Group vice chairman Samir Jain presented a flattering account of union home minister Amit Shah, who was seated on stage next to Vineet Jain, the group’s managing director and the former’s brother.

Andhera chhatega, sooraj niklega, kamal khilega,” said Jain, reminding the audience of “great poet” and former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s words, linking the words to Shah’s political career. Vajpayee had made the remarks at the BJP’s first convention in Mumbai in 1980.

When Vajpayee said these words, Jain said, “honourable Amit Shah ji was beginning his contribution to political life. And our energetic Amit bhai ji, full of energy, has bloomed many lotuses. In 2,800 subdivisions, the lotus has bloomed.”

Delivered in heavily Sanskritised Hindi, Jain’s welcome note was replete with alliterations and fawning literary devices – sample the words utsah, umang and ullaas, or pratibha, prabhaav and pratibaddhta. 

“Today that you are here, there is a note of thanks from the bottom of the heart. You all are welcome to the Times Now Summit,” Jain said, translating the word summit to shikhar. “Meeting you, there was an awareness of your perseverance. And a realisation, that not in a day, but success is achieved one day. That day is today, that time is now. Times Now.”

The group’s vice chairman further said, “Today, every Indian is a proof of India’s talent, influence, commitment, labour and hardwork; each Indian who is learning to live his life with enthusiasm, vigour and joy.”

Jain said that since Prime Minister Narendra Modi used “the alliteration at the launch of INS Vikrant, it has echoed throughout the country. Today, it’s a resolution that Times Now, in today’s time, welcomes you with enthusiasm, vigour and joy, with a high resolution”.

The group’s vice chairman said “if we ponder over Amit bhai’s several achievements, we will feel that he, as the home minister, has taken care of India like a home”. “In an ideal family, each one is taken care of. In it are present children, the elderly, the unemployed and few earning members, but each one is taken care of. This is an ideal family, and a proof of an ideal country.”

Jain said India has been enriched through the Jain philosophy of Anekantvada. “In our home, with peace and Anekantvada, which is the focal point of Jainism, that each ism is correct with a unique perspective. This is Jainism’s viewpoint, that everyone is correct, everyone has a perspective. Everyone has a direction, in politics, and even in a home. The support for dynasty politics, and its dismissal, the support for nationalism, and its dismissal…all are presented, and through dialogue, the country is enriched, because our life’s mission is free speech.”

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