By Nithya Pandian  / The News Minute

After spending nearly 100 days in prison after being charged under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967 (UAPA), a Muslim man was granted bail by the Madras High Court on August 26. It was joyful news for 31-year-old Sadam Hussain and his family members in Trichy as their three previous attempts to secure bail for him had been unsuccessful. Sadam Hussain and four others were arrested on charges that he had conspired to kill Kumaresan of Coimbatore on March 7, this year.

The Madras High Court observed that there were no reasonable grounds to believe that Sadam had conspired to kill a Hindu man who had opposed his son’s conversion to Islam after he married a Muslim woman. Further, the court said that the allegations against Sadam did not fall under ‘terrorist act’ and there were no grounds for believing that the accusations were prima facie true. Justices S Vaidyanathan and AD Jagadish Chandira, while granting bail, said, “There was no complaint from any person and nobody was injured in this case. Therefore, in the opinion of this court, the provisions of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act have been included only in order to deny/delay the appellant from getting bail from the court.”

Speaking to TNM, Jannathul Firdous, Sadam Hussain’s sister, said the family members hoped that the Madras High Court could dismiss the entire case, as it was false. “As family members, it was not easy for us, as his name was associated with being a terrorist. The torment we faced is beyond words and his two children always asked about their dad,” she said.

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