Excerpted from Krishna Gopal Rastogi’s autobiography, “Aap Beeti”; Chapter Titled “Pracharak Ka Jeevan”

Krishna Gopal Rastogi of RSS

While describing an incident in which Krishna Gopal Rastogi led a mob of armed Hindus against Muslims in Kaliar town situated between Roorkee and Haridwar, he went on to state without any remorse how he did not spare even a young Muslim girl.

According to Rastogi’s chilling version:
“It was an old locality inhabited by the Muslims. They, armed with daggers, spears, guns were fully prepared to meet any situation. When I learnt of their intentions to attack some Hindu areas, I organized 250 people including some known gangsters and raided Kaliar. Then a strange thing happened. While we had been killing men in one of the houses, we spotted a very beautiful young girl. The assailants led by me were instantly enamoured. They even started fighting among themselves to take possession of the girl. I faced an extremely awkward situation and did not know what to do. I tried my best to get the assailants to focus on real issues. I abused and threatened them but they would not listen to me.

And suddenly the solution came. The girl was after all causing this trouble and had to be eliminated. I took my gun and shot her. She died.

My associates were shocked and returned to the work. Though it was against our principle to assault a woman, but it was done in an emergency and I still regret it.”

Aap Beeti, KG Rastogi’s autobiography was released with a laudatory preface by K. S. Sudarshan, the then head of the RSS. Rastogi was appointed in two committees of the Human Resource Development Ministry of the Government of India headed by Murli Manohar Joshi during NDA rule despite protests from more than 50 MPs.