Rohingyas have no fundamental right to reside and settle in India, Centre tells Supreme Court (Wionews)

Rohingya Muslims at a ‘holding centre’ in M A M Stadium in Jammu in March 2021 | for representation Photograph:(PTI)

By  Mukul Sharma

India’s Modi government told the country’s Supreme Court that illegal Rohingya Muslim migrants do not have a fundamental right to reside and settle in India and that New Delhi does not recognise UNHCR refugee cards. It added that the judiciary cannot enter legislative and policy domains exercised by the parliament and the executive.

The submissions were reportedly made in an affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court in which it is said that a foreign national has right to life and liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution. The right to reside and settle in the country is available only to Indian citizens.

An unspecified number of Rohingya Muslims have secured UNHCR refugee cards and have reportedly used them as a basis to claim refugee status in India.

Without naming Bangladesh, the government said that India is already grappling with large-scale illegal migration from a neighbouring country that has altered the demographic profile of some border states. 

“Continuance of Rohingyas’ illegal migration to India and their stay in India, apart from it being absolutely illegal, is fraught with serious security ramifications,” it said.

The government claimed that there is “credible input” about a large number of Rohingyas indulging in activities of obtaining fake Indian identity documents and partaking in subversive activities in different parts of the country.

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