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India is considering a panel to rule on social media takedowns

India is considering whether to set up an appeals panel with the power to reverse the content moderation decisions of social media firms, the...

How the Modi government’s new IT rules jeopardise the right to privacy and free speech

By Namrata Maheshwari, Ria Singh Sawhney & Akhil Thomas In February, the Modi government’s notification of Information Technology Rules was met with concern and criticism. There were demands for the withdrawal...

As hate content spiked, cost cuts at Facebook hit its review team

By Aashish Aryan , Pranav Mukul , Karunjit Singh As inflammatory and divisive content increased across most markets including India, it was the global team responsible for reviewing hate...

Enterprise Hindutva and social media in urban India

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WhatsApp fake news connects with media bias: LSE report

LSE’s Shakuntala Banaji and Ram Bhat explain the findings of their recent research into how Whatsapp is used to spread misinformation in India, and make recommendations to improve how the platform and others tackle this problem.

Enterprise Hindutva and Social Media in Urban India

Abstract This paper delineates ‘enterprise Hindutva’ as a mediatized form of Hindu nationalism shaped largely by the affordances of social media and the cultural practices...