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As Sikh militancy raged in the 1980s, Punjab became a Hindutva laboratory

Hindu extremists frequently raised provocative slogans that dubbed Sikhs as antinationals and Pakistani agents. In any event of violence against innocent Hindus in Punjab by unknown assailants, innocent Sikhs were targeted outside Punjab by mobs with the connivance of the police

RSS lionized Indira Gandhi, blamed Sikhs for their massacre

Wrote Nanaji Deshmukh: Indira Gandhi ultimately did secure a permanent place at the doorstep of history as a great martyr. With her dynamism borne out of her fearlessness and dexterity, she was able to take the country forward like a colossus for over a decade and was able to build an opinion that she alone understood the realities of the country, that she alone had the ability to run the decadent political system of our corrupt and divided society, and probably that she alone could keep the country united