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‘Gandhi’s Assassin’: How VD Savarkar converted Nathuram Godse to his anti-Muslim cause

By Dhirendra K Jha There is no specific record about what led Godse to visit Savarkar, nor about who arranged the introductory meeting....

‘Savarkar did very little for India’s independence’

By ABHISH K. BOSE IN KOTTAYAM Interview with the historian Dr Vinay Lal. The claim of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh that V.D. Savarkar, the Hindutva icon, had...

Sulli deals: Targeting Muslim women sexually is inked in Hindutva icon Savarkar’s ideology

By Usama Hazari A few days ago, an app auctioning off Muslim women caused outrage on social media for its sadistic sexual targeting of women belonging...

History revisited: Was Veer Savarkar really all that brave?

Savarkar was chargesheeted in the assassination of Gandhi but exonerated, largely because no corroborative evidence of his involvement was furnished.

Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History: VD Savarkar

Savarkar wrote: The Muslims went on slaughtering wholesale the Hindu population. Similarly whenever the Hindus gained an upper hand, they could have retaliated by massacring Muslim population and making the region Muslim-less

Essentials of Hindutva: Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

At the end of the last century, a dangerous new idea was brewing in India – that of Hindu nationalism, of carving India out...

Fascism, Nazism shaped Hindu nationalism of RSS, Hindu Mahasabha

A systematic analysis of how Italian fascism and German Nazism shaped Hindu fundamentalism of RSS, Hindu Mahasabha

Savarkar had many faces – but Hindutva has only one

In a recent column in The Indian Express, Tavleen Singh made a startling admission. “Having grown up believing that Hindutva was a dangerous, divisive...