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How the police protected the murderers of Pehlu Khan

A local court in Rajasthan acquitted six out of the nine accused in 2017 Pehlu Khan lynching case. Pehlu Khan and his two sons...

A ‘normal’ anomaly: Displacement due to communal violence in Gujarat

The fleeing of lakhs of Muslims from their homes in Gujarat during the 2002 violence and their subsequent relocation in “resettlement colonies” or in places of Muslim concentration has been termed migration by the state and displacement by human rights organizations. This article revisits the events of that year to examine the displacement/migration question

Ashis Nandy correctly identified Modi as a fascist in 1992

"I never use the term 'fascist' as a term of abuse; to me it is a diagnostic category comprising not only one's ideological posture but also the personality traits and motivational patterns contextualising the ideology."