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National Register for Citizens

Infrastructure as Digital Politics: Media Practices and the Assam NRC Citizen Identification Project

This draft paper was presented by the authors at the Digital Politics in Millennial India conference hosted by the IIIT Delhi and LMU Germany, on March 15-17, 2018. The authors are currently revising the paper towards a final version.

We will implement NRC across India, says Rajnath Singh

Addressing an event in Jharkhand's Bokaro, Rajnath Singh said, "We will implement NRC across all states of the country."

Assam braces for fresh ordeal as government pushes for NRC repeat

To acquire citizenship, the cut-off year is being pushed to 1951 from 1971 and many believe it will create a huge problem for the entire region

28 deaths in Assam’s detention camps, minister tells Rajya Sabha

Twenty-eight people have died in Assam’s detention camps where suspected immigrants are confined, but these were not because of pressure or fear, the government...

Using the NRC as a Hindu nationalist tool

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) in India’s Assam state is being used to mark non-documented citizens as ‘infiltrators’ and ‘illegal immigrants’ and thus ineligible for registration. Such a system has been a long-standing demand of the local Assamese in order to protect their language, land and culture from ‘outsiders’ — primarily referring to the Bengali speaking population. This system is now being promoted by Hindu nationalists aiming to spread their ideology through India.

‘All-India NRC would turn citizens into supplicants’

The Supreme Court’s Ayodhya judgment followed the logic of the original Ram Janmabhoomi campaigners down to the letter: the award of the entire site...

Fear and panic in Assam as millions left off NRC

Villagers from Maloibari in Assam who have been left out of the NRC Murali Krishnan India's only foreigner detention center which will house illegal immigrants...

AASU takes out rally in Assam against Citizenship Amendment Bill

The student body leaders said that Assam and the North Eastern region are not the dumping ground of illegal Bangladeshis.

Assam farmers’ body, ULFA protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill

People are carrying out massive protests in Assam and other parts of North East against the proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. On Friday Assam's farmers organisation...