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Mob Violence

WhatsApp fake news connects with media bias: LSE report

LSE’s Shakuntala Banaji and Ram Bhat explain the findings of their recent research into how Whatsapp is used to spread misinformation in India, and make recommendations to improve how the platform and others tackle this problem.

Lynching, the scourge of new India

The word lynching is of foreign origin. But this does not mean that mob killings are alien to India In the years since Narendra Modi...

Christian tribal lynched to death in Jharkhand by cow vigilante mob

Cow slaughter and beef sale are banned in Jharkhand, which has emerged as a lynching hotbed, accounting for 17 of the 44 deaths the country witnessed at the hands of mobs between May 2015 and December 2018. Most of the lynchings in the state were related to suspected cow slaughter or beef possession

Every third Indian policeman finds mob lynchings a ‘natural’ response to cow slaughter: Survey

A new survey reveals the biases among India’s police forces. Every third Indian police person thinks it is natural “to a large extent” or “somewhat”...

‘This is it. I’m going to die’: India’s minorities are targeted in lynchings

"It's like they are trying to erase us — erase all of my people," says Jaibuna, the widow of Pehlu Khan. The 55-year-old Muslim...

Jharkhand man beaten by mob for hours, made to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’, dies

Tabrez Ansari, 24, was caught by a mob on Tuesday evening, tied to a pole and beaten for more than seven hours and then handed over to the police on Wednesday morning after he fell unconscious.

Vigilante cow protection groups attack minorities in India

Authorities Should End Communal Rhetoric, Prosecute Assailants, Recommends Human Rights watch Members of a cow protection group patrol the streets of Ramgarh, Rajasthan, and confiscate...

Mob lynchings in India: The need to act now is upon us

MOB LYNCHING has drastically increased in recent years, particularly since the the BJP government came to power. There has been fourfold increase in cow...

What is behind India’s epidemic of ‘mob lynching’?

Is the spate of 'mob lynchings' in India really just a spontaneous expression of mob anger?