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‘Extreme authoritarianism’: Activists in Kargil summoned for tweeting about attack on Muslims in Tripura

Kargil: The move of Police in Kargil to summon students and political activists for being active on social media and organizing protest marches has...

Fanatics ‘not allowing’ Muslims to eke out a living by running petty, small businesses

By Sheshu Babu* "Majorities are of two sorts: (1) communal majority and (2) political majority. A political majority is changeable in its class composition. A...

Muslim community is 70% of minorities population; runs less than 23% of schools

By Syed Hurairah The Muslim community in the country constitutes approximately 70% of the total minorities population, but runs less than 23% of minority educational institutions....

India’s DNA data law could harm minorities, hurt privacy: Experts

A proposed Indian law on the collection and use of genetic data to tackle crime can violate privacy, and target minorities and marginalised communities...

Submission to the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief

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Violent Cow Protection in India

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