Hindutva and Hindu bias in India’s ‘secular’ constitution

The secularism in Indian constitution is widely overstated and overrated. In truth, the very process of the writing of the Constitution was tainted by repeated attempts, many of them successful, by right-wing Hindutva forces to subvert its secular and pluralist character. The taint persists to the present day

Modi is only the latest, not the first PM to want to control India’s judiciary

Consensus within the collegium is sometimes resolved through a trade-off resulting in dubious appointments with disastrous consequences for the litigants and the credibility of the judicial system. Besides, institutional independence has also been compromised by growing sycophancy and “lobbying” within the system

SC rejects public lawsuit seeking probe into death of Judge Loya

Judge Loya case has meandered through various twists and turns particularly after some reports in November last year raised suspicion surrounding his death

Bombay HC CJ Mohit Shah offered Rs. 1 billion to my brother: Judge Loya’s sister

Anuradha Biyani, a medical doctor based in Dhule, Maharashtra, told journalist Niranjan Takle that Chief Justice Shah wanted her brother to give a favorable judgment to Amit Shah, the prime accused in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case that he was presiding upon as trial judge. Loya’s father Harkishan said his son had told him he had offers to deliver a favorable judgment in exchange for money and a house in Mumbai

Judge Loya Case: Shocking details surrounding death of judge presiding over Sohrabuddin trial

The judiciary as well as the Maharashtra government tried to pass off trial judge Loya’s death as natural. But Niranjan Takle, a journalist, spent months reconstructing the circumstances surrounding his death and came to the disturbing conclusion that not only was it suspicious but most likely a cold-blooded murder