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Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History: VD Savarkar

Savarkar wrote: The Muslims went on slaughtering wholesale the Hindu population. Similarly whenever the Hindus gained an upper hand, they could have retaliated by massacring Muslim population and making the region Muslim-less

Why CAB-plus-NRC fantasy is BJP’s next Ram Mandir-plus-Article 370 gambit

CAB-plus-NRC is an idea that’s dead-on-arrival. But it’s the BJP’s next Ram Mandir that will be used to polarise and expose the party’s rivals.

In ‘Bunch Of Thoughts’ Golwalkar misquoted Nehru to push his own Islamophobia

Golwalkar claims that in his introduction to Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s Sanskriti Ke Char Adhyay, Jawaharlal Nehru wrote that foreign invaders such as the Hunas and the Shakas came to India, abandoned their customs and faiths, and started calling themselves Rajput. But even a cursory reading of Nehru’s introduction to Sanskriti shows that Golwalkar is guilty of interpolation

Essentials of Hindutva: Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

At the end of the last century, a dangerous new idea was brewing in India – that of Hindu nationalism, of carving India out...

We, Or Our Nationhood Defined: Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar

Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, or M. S. Golwalkar, was the second Sarsanghchalak, or supremo, of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the Hindu right-wing cultural organization...

Hindutva not premodern theocracy but modern ethnic nationalism

Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar’s We Or Our Nationhood Defined: A Review On March 6th 1992, when hundreds of Kar Sevaks marched on the streets of Ayodhya...

RSS man Nanaji Deshmukh who justified 1984 Sikh massacre is a Bharat Ratna

Deshmukh suggested that the massacre of Sikhs after Indira Gandhi's assassination was not the handiwork of any group or anti-social elements but the result of a genuine feeling of anger. He did not distinguish the action of the two security personnel of Indira Gandhi, who happened to be Sikhs, from that of the whole Sikh community

The Hindu Counterrevolution: The Violent Recreation of an Imagined Past

The author traces the roots and roles of the torch bearers of the Hindutva movement—a political party, a vanguard organization, and a militant mass movement—which have drastically changed from the political mechanisms and ideals of post-Independence India and the erstwhile dominant party, Congress.

RSS lionized Indira Gandhi, blamed Sikhs for their massacre

Wrote Nanaji Deshmukh: Indira Gandhi ultimately did secure a permanent place at the doorstep of history as a great martyr. With her dynamism borne out of her fearlessness and dexterity, she was able to take the country forward like a colossus for over a decade and was able to build an opinion that she alone understood the realities of the country, that she alone had the ability to run the decadent political system of our corrupt and divided society, and probably that she alone could keep the country united