Muslim voices: Perceptions of policing in India

The findings of the study present a picture of policing of Muslims characterized by discrimination, various degrees of harassment, as well as coercive containments of Muslim neighborhoods and activities

Indian Muslims feel discriminated against by police: Survey

Respondents said they did not trust the police to protect their physical safety or rights, and in fact, felt harassed, victimised and targeted by the police based on their distinct identity

Role of the police: To protect the victims or rule with the mob?

Indian police are biased against Muslims, believing, among others, that Muslims generally cause communal violence that hurts Hindus, and therefore there is moral justification if in the current riot, casualties on the Muslim side are heavier

Role of Indian police in communal violence

Police are complicit in violence against Muslims in many ways. The first stage is that of early warnings when the riots are being planned. In the second stage, often the police are helpless onlookers when the minorities are being targeted