Dalit youth beaten, forced to shave mustache in Gujarat

Sanjaybhai Ranchhodbhai Parmar from Mota Kothasana village alleged that the accused gave him death threats, forced him to shave off his moustache, beat him and made him apologise to them

‘Attack on Dalit activist reflects fragility of Hindu nationalist male ego’

Bindu Ammini has single-handedly braved the entire might of the Sangh, a neutered public, and an opportunistic state. She will never be forgotten

UP Government plans anti-conversion law to target Muslims, Christians

While the draft bill would seek to regulate and criminalize many religious conversions, it would not affect all conversions. In fact, the draft bill states that an individual seeking to “reconvert” to Hinduism though a ‘Ghar Vapsi’ program would not be affected

When the Dalits were ‘untouchables’ and not counted among Hindus

The possibility of losing a large portion of their official numbers sharpened the minds of high-caste Hindu leaders, who began at this point to vociferously claim Dalits as fellow Hindus and to accuse the colonial state of conspiring to undermine Hinduism by divide-and-rule tactics

Manusmriti: Regressive mindset, discriminatory laws for Dalits and women

The RSS has long espoused Manusmriti in place of India’s secular Constitution. A look at some of its patently anti-Dalit and misogynist content speaks to the regressive mindset of the Hindu nationalists

RSS built Shabari temple to lure Gujarat adivasis stoking hate for minorities

Aseemanand fabricated myths to fit local landscape into the Ramayana. ‘Saints’ such as Morari Bapu and Rithambara spewed venom. Violence followed