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Dalit youth beaten, forced to shave mustache in Gujarat

A 20-year-old Dalit resident of Mehsana alleged that he was forced to shave off his moustache by upper caste youths from his village on...

When the Dalits were ‘untouchables’ and not counted among Hindus

The possibility of losing a large portion of their official numbers sharpened the minds of high-caste Hindu leaders, who began at this point to vociferously claim Dalits as fellow Hindus and to accuse the colonial state of conspiring to undermine Hinduism by divide-and-rule tactics

Manusmriti: Regressive mindset, discriminatory laws for Dalits and women

Laws of Manu Concerning Dalits/Untouchables  For the sake of the prosperity of the worlds (the divine one) caused the Brahmana, the Kshatriya, the Vaisya,...

RSS built Shabari temple to lure Gujarat adivasis stoking hate for minorities

Aseemanand fabricated myths to fit local landscape into the Ramayana. ‘Saints’ such as Morari Bapu and Rithambara spewed venom. Violence followed

RSS man Nanaji Deshmukh who justified 1984 Sikh massacre is a Bharat Ratna

Deshmukh suggested that the massacre of Sikhs after Indira Gandhi's assassination was not the handiwork of any group or anti-social elements but the result of a genuine feeling of anger. He did not distinguish the action of the two security personnel of Indira Gandhi, who happened to be Sikhs, from that of the whole Sikh community