Madhya Pradesh government is planning to remove stories of Mughal rulers from the school curriculum. Chapters about all Mughal rulers including Tipu Sultan, Sirajuddaula, and Akbar will be excluded, according to reports.

School Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar told News18 Hindi that stories of the Mughal Empire and Mughals will soon be replaced by the glorious history and glorious traditions of India. The move, claims the minister, is aimed at making students learn about the traditions that make up the celebrated history. “The rule of the Mughal rulers in India has been misrepresented. Now the students will only be taught the honoured history and traditions of India,” he said.

On the decision to remove stories of Mughal rulers, government school principals said that the curriculum should be changed as per the needs of the 21st century. Education should give the message of peace in the world and children maintain harmony among themselves. Children should learn how any type of irregularity disturbs the social balance and how much effort is required to keep the society cohesive. Stories of those who tried to preserve the culture and harmony of the society should also be included in the curriculum.

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