By South Asian Advocates

We are over 100 South Asian American advocates living in the United States who believe in an inclusive, multi-faith, and multiracial democracy. We are deeply concerned about how white supremacy, Hindu supremacy, and Zionism are influencing political candidates and policy platforms during the 2024 election cycle. In particular, we are alarmed by research, news and community reports indicating that several Indian American candidates running for national office this year are expressing divisive policy positions, associating with organizations that reportedly promote Hindu supremacy, and being either silent or neutral in response to the ongoing genocide in Palestine.


Around the world and here in the United States, far-right political ideologies peddle dangerous conspiracies and hierarchies, uphold racist and harmful policies, and target marginalized communities through erasure, displacement, and violence. In the United States, white supremacy has led to systems, narratives, and policies that reinforce colonialism and anti-Black racism. White supremacy also influences other far-right ideologies such as Hindu supremacy, which promotes the idea of establishing India as a Hindu nation.

Reports and media articles reveal the spread of Hindu supremacy in various contexts here in the United States as well. Hindu supremacist groups regularly oppose affirmative action policies along the lines of both race and caste; spread anti-Muslim disinformation and hate speech; and oppose laws geared towards ending caste discrimination. Many of these groups also provide financial support for political candidates with like-minded views in the US, and are attempting to build influence in the Democratic Party.

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