Amidst Indian authorities’ ongoing tyrannical crackdown on the #FarmersProtest movement in Delhi, news has emerged of a 24-year-old Sikh woman being “tortured and abused” since January 12th whilst imprisoned by Haryana Police.

The news broke today (January 30th) whilst Nodeep Kaur is currently in judicial custody in Karnal Jail, awaiting trial based on accusations from her Industrial factory employers. A respected activist, Nodeep Kaur is part of a labourers group she is currently representing in disputes against their employers over withheld wages, harassment and more abuses. Nodeep is part of the Dalit community, who are perceived to be “low-caste” according to Indian caste hierarchy. The Sikh faith categorically opposes caste hierarchy.

Reports from Dalit community connected news outlets and reporters in India suggest Nodeep Kaur was targeted by police whilst she was at the Singhu Delhi protest camp site, in what is a targeted campaign against workers-rights activists such as Nodeep being carried out undercover of the bigger #FarmersProtest. Her sister, Rajveer Kaur, stated she was targeted because “she is a part of labour unions, works for the rights of labourers”.

It is unclear why exactly the news about her suffering has come out after 18 days, although it is known that Dalit community issues are often more overlooked due to caste discrimination. So far, no mainstream Indian news outlets have covered this news despite it being a current viral story on social media.

An online campaign to bring attention to her plight and awareness about her situation has now begun. Nodeep Kaur is currently one of an estimated 200+ Sikhs that have been detained in dubious circumstances during the farmers protest.

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