bulldozers [Twitter]
By  Sameer Khan / Siasat

New Jersey: While Indians are celebrating Independence Day on August 15, right-wing ideologues in New Jersey were seen marching with bulldozers.

Photographs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh were also found on the bulldozers.

In India, bulldozers were in the headlines as authorities on various occasions used them to demolish homes and livelihoods claiming that they are illegal.

After a video of the march went viral on social media, Indian American Muslim Council tweeted, ‘Today, the Hindu right-wing in Edison, New Jersey marched with bulldozers, which have become a weapon in the hands of the BJP government to destroy Muslim homes and livelihoods’.

Reacting to the march, many Twitterati slammed the right-wing ideologue. One of them wrote, “I think we are all human be it Muslims or Christians we should be treated as one”.

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