‘Shattered’: Muslim engineer killed by mob at mosque in India’s Maharashtra ( Aljazeera )

The family of Nurul Hassan grieves his lynching during attack by a Hindu mob at a mosque in the western state’s Satara district.


New Delhi, India – Ayesha is seven months pregnant and has been inconsolable for four days now.

The 29-year-old has been oblivious to her own wellbeing and has stopped eating properly as she grieves the loss of her husband, Nurul Hassan, who was killed after a Hindu mob attacked a mosque in Pusesavali village in Maharashtra’s Satara district.

“My entire world shattered when I saw my son’s lifeless body on the bed. In that moment, I couldn’t believe what was unfolding before my eyes,” Hassan’s father Mohammad Liyaqat told Al Jazeera over the telephone.

About 8.30pm on September 10, Hassan, a 31-year-old civil engineer, left his home for the Isha prayers at a nearby mosque. His uncle Mohammad Siraj said there were about 15 people in the mosque and the prayers were in progress when they heard commotion outside.

A mob had surrounded the mosque, chanting anti-Muslim slogans and making inflammatory remarks about Islam. “Around 150-200 Hindu men gathered outside the masjid and started throwing stones, damaging some parked vehicles,” he said.

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